Sharon White

Introduction: I can provide solutions for people to navigate, recreate and reconstruct their lives moving forward while they’re in transit to their transformation. Also, to create a realistic livable balance plan between their personal and business lifestyle so they can live in abundance.

“You don’t have to journey through life alone”

Who Am I?

Sharon L. White

  • An Air Force Brat!
  • Navy Veteran! six (6) years/ship and shore
  • Wife of a Navy Retired Husband (husband served 20 years)
  • writer, traveler, crafty
  • Married mother of 2 teenagers and 2 adults (stepchildren).
  • AA – Liberal Arts Minor in Literature
  • BS- Workforce in Education and Development Specialize Curriculum Development / Human Resource
  • M.Ed- Master in Education Specialize in Instructional Technology
  • She is Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Teen Coach, Divorce Coach, Transition Coach.
  • Speaker/Workshops engagements: Teenagers Transitioning to Young Adulthood, Single Lifestyle, Divorce “Now What?” And “Date Thyself.”
  • E-commerce: multiple passionate business owner 
  • Homeschooling and cyber school teacher/mom