Transitioning & TRANSFORMATION


LIFE COACH – I provide a unique life coaching process in which I help you connect the dots of where you’ve been and how it has shaped and influenced where you are now. These are called patterns, and once you discover your patterns, which are based on your experiences, you can then create new patterns that will align with your identified purpose and destiny. 

RELATIONSHIP – I provide relationship coaching that helps improve one of the main breakdowns in any relationship; communication. Using my experience of having gone through a divorce and then to remarry into a healthy and loving union. I will teach you how to develop healthy relationship “habits” that can be used to strengthen the bond between couples, singles, adolescents, family members, and friends.

Survival and Revival –  I, myself have been through a divorce and knows what you are going through. I can help you to navigate wherever you are during the process of your divorce (contemplate, divorce in process or post-divorce).  I can help you to re-vision life after divorce, think outside the box, organize your priorities by putting yourself FIRST by Introducing small, impact practices of self-care.

I help you rebuild your family structure, if there are children involve called the FAMILY CORE. I am not a lawyer or paralegal, so I will not be giving you any legal advice, but I can be your friend by helping you to re-frame madden situations, being an active listener and guide you with resources that you can stand on your own power and reclaim control.


BUSINESS/ENTREPRENEUR – starting a new business, needing advice on how to scale your current business, or learning how to create products and services that convert to increased profits, let me help you navigate the path. I have a track record of helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand the mental, emotional and operational shifts needed to become successful in business.

CAREER & EXECUTIVE – I help career professionals clarify their purpose, mission, and calling. I then help you navigate towards the career paths that need and value what you have to offer. I want to help you find a career that you are skilled at, and have a passion and commitment towards. Whatever you’re passionate about, you will be more productive in. The more productive you are, combined with a passion for it, will result in higher achievement and success.


Laura S.

I want to thank Sharon White of Sharon White Consulting focus Lifestyle Transitioning to Transformation. Her motto is to coach women through a divorce that could possibly be a messy one.

It made such a huge impression on me that her focus is on her 3 stages of a divorce; the process, post-divorce and co-parenting.

While I was unable to think clearly as I was faced with the challenge of having to give up my maternal rights due to not having a place to live nor an income; Sharon searched for employment for me and continuously advised me on areas to receive assistance while I was still waiting to hear back from my social security disability claim.

You see, I am someone that as a woman; I have worked in my career as well as taking care of my ex-husband and our two children together and his two daughters that he had with his first wife.

I was extremely sick and in order for me to heal properly I had to stay home. While I was home my ex husband was angry because he was the only one with an income and he could not manage the bills since I was the one who took care of that as well.

As I was speaking to my therapist trying to work through the fact that physically and emotionally and mentally I am unable to work my husband was unable to accept that and would make sure he kept throwing insults at me.

While I was kicked out of our home with nowhere to go and, desiring a divorce from him, Sharon stepped in and assisted me in a tremendous way.

I couldn’t figure out how to do anything that will not allow him to take everything from me.

Sharon held my hand throughout the entire process suffering with anxiety and newly diagnosed with it was and has been a very difficult pill for me to swallow however as I would begin to get anxious about the divorce and child custody proceedings Sharon always stepped in with a word of encouragement and would advise me on what my next step would be which alleviated my stress and anxiety tremendously.

Once we completed the child custody which I was able to have partial custody of my two blessings from God, Sharon then moved on to coaching me through our divorce proceedings and process.

Sharon made sure to advise me to shut down all social media connections as soon as I did what Sharon coached me to do it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulder.

Sharon moved forward with assisting me on how to maximize my newly startup company it is something that I have desired to do for a while now and Sharon did not stop, she is still coaching me till this day!

I feel so blessed to have found Sharon White Consulting Focus Lifestyle Transitioning to Transformation; she is truly living up to her Coaching Company name.

I am happy to say that I am in my transformation process to be able to move forward in my life and not be so bitter has been an awesome feeling through my prayers God has led me to her Coaching service and I have been truly blessed by Sharon I absolutely would recommend her Coaching Services to anyone that feels as if the world is on their shoulder and they have no idea how to start much less how to move forward with your life! I just want to give a huge thank you to Sharon you have given me the encouragement and the strength to know that there is a huge blessing waiting for me after my divorce!

Thank you Sharon White!

Laura S.